Hi i am Nora and i am a Prophet

I m going to tell my story

This is to give every one hope

A few years ago i use to work on a poultry farm and i was getting ready for work.

I was standing out side and it was storming.

There was lightneing it struck the antena on the house then struck me in the right hand then went through the left hand it felt like i put my hand in a light socket i was not hurt

God then told me that he put a shild of protection over me that is why i didint get hurt

And to tell every one all we have to do is ask for it and we will get it protection as big as you need it

A month ago i mowed my yard and forgot to close the gate i have a small pom she went to the front yard

someone pulled over and took her from us so my doughter and i sead a prayer that they will give her back

Then we mad one poster and put it in one store two weeks some one came over and asked is your dog and we sead yes.

later that day they brought her back are prayer was answerd.

We are living in the days that every move we make we make it in Jessus and only we can make it in prayer

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